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    Parcela Vereda

    2022 vegano
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    • Jumilla
    • Bruma del Estrecho
    • Tinto
    • Generic
    • Monastrell
    • 14,5%


    Fermentation in French oak vats. Aged for 10 months in 500-litre French oak barrels. Soils of limestone sands and clay soils. Estate next to a bull transhumance trail. It consists of two areas of different soils. One part of limestone sands and the lower part of more clayey soils. The combination of soils and the measured ageing gives complexity to the wine. A Mediterranean wine with maturity and freshness at the same time, thanks to its good acidity and minerality provided by the soils. Bottled October 2019 and 2666 bottles of production. Contains sulphites.