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    2020 vegano
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    • Málaga
    • Viñedos Verticales
    • Sweet
    • Generic
    • Moscatel de Alejandría
    • 10,5%


    Selecting the grapes from the Viña de Cela plot, with the help of the mules, the grapes arrive at the winery in perfect condition for sunbathing for 11 days with constant monitoring of the degree of dehydration of each cluster. After sunning, the grapes arrive at the winery where they are left for a few hours in a cold chamber, after which they are pressed and the must is transferred to small stainless steel tanks where it ferments to the desired degree. The fermentation is cut off with cold and is kept for 3 months until bottling. The result is a very aromatic and varietal wine, fresh, with great acidity and low alcohol content, which makes it very easy to drink and not at all cloying. Contains sulphites.