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    Atlántida - tinto

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    • Tierra de Cádiz
    • Cía. De Vinos del Atlántico
    • Red
    • Generic
    • Tintilla
    • 13,5%


    Vineyards on albariza soils from a single vineyard. The grapes are harvested by hand at night so that they arrive as fresh as possible at the winery where they are vatted in a wooden vat, 90% of the grapes with stems and 10% destemmed. It is pumped over twice a day and pumped over twice a day. It is macerated for 28 days, pressed and transferred to 500-litre French oak barrels of 1st and 2nd year, aged for 1 year and then transferred to barrels of 225 litres of 3rd and 4th use for a further 16 months. The vineyard where the grapes for Atlántida come from is the Balbaína vineyard, which is the vineyard closest to the sea in Jerez. The grapes used for Atlántida come from the vineyards on a hill with the purest albariza (a type of white sandy soil) where the grapes emerge, and with more influence from the sea. Traditionally from this vineyard came the finos and manzanillas which were the freshest soils and gave a good end of maturation had less degree and respected more acidity. Contains sulphites.