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    2021 vegano
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    • Ribeiro
    • Adega Manuel Formigo
    • Blanco
    • Generic
    • Alvilla
    • 12,5%


    Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Granitic soils (sábrego) on bedrock from the Miñoteira and Portela estates. Made with selected vines of the alvilla variety (not registered in the CRDO, which is why the variety is not indicated on the label), a grape variety almost lost and recovered by Manuel Formigo's father, which is why the name of the wine is dedicated to his father. A unique wine in its region and of which we have no record of a single varietal wine. It stands out for its elegant acidity and concentration. Another great work of Manuel Formigo. Harvest by hand including a selection of clusters on the same vine. The grapes are transported to the winery (5 minutes) in bulk in tractors with loads of less than 1500 kg to maintain the integrity of the grapes. At the entrance to the winery, the grapes are gently crushed and pressed in a semi-closed pneumatic press. The must used to make this wine never exceeds 0.2 bar of pressure. Bottled in June 2022. Contains sulphites.