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    2021 vegano
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    • Tierra de Cádiz
    • Cía. De Vinos del Atlántico
    • White
    • Generic
    • Vijiriega
    • 13 %


    Vineyard on albariza soil on the Añina estate. First single varietal white vijiriega wine in Cádiz, a variety that has almost disappeared in the area, and that Cía. De vinos del Atlántico, thanks to its eagerness to recover forgotten varieties or old palomino clones, brings us as a novelty. The grapes come from our own vineyards on the Añina estate, with organic practices in the vineyard, without chemical or systemic treatments, and practising a viticulture that is not so common in the Jerez area. Fermentation is carried out in oak barrels with its own yeasts, then it is aged in demi-muds for twelve months. It is then aged in demi muds for 12 months, and finished with a further 5 months in stainless steel for stabilisation and refinement. Another amazing work of Cía. De Vinos del Atlántico's winemaker, Alberto Orte. Contains sulphites.