The Lapazaran family, José Lapazaran, Elena Ruiz and their children, work in the winery and vineyards in a place of great natural beauty, a Biosphere Reserve and conservation area. The cultivation of the "Ondarrabi zuri" and "Riesling" varieties on their own 25 hectares on mountain slopes, with gradients of over 35%, make Lapazaran txakolis a truly heroic wine, as the care of the vineyard is a challenge every season.

The quality of the wines of Bodegas Lapazaran is the result of honest and painstaking work in the vineyard and in the winery, which transmits identity and personality in its wine. "An authentic, characterful and balanced wine. A different, exceptional white wine".

Bodegas Lapazaran gives value to a rural, mountainous and disadvantaged environment with the cultivation of a vine variety endemic to the area, the "Ondarrabi Zuri". In addition, the winery has the organic farming certificate for its vineyards with responsible and environmentally friendly practices.

The family winery, located in the heart of the vineyard, has 35 hectares, 25 of which are cultivated with vines of indigenous varieties facing south-southwest.

The winery, which is housed in a 19th century farmhouse built in 1875, is located in a very characteristic setting; in a wonderful natural enclave, in the embrace of the Anboto, Oiz and Mugarra mountains and the Urdaibai marshes (declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1984).

The winery, which tries to transmit identity and personality, constantly treasuring tradition, is run by José Lapazaran (winegrower and winemaker) who "voluntarily linked to this land, understands life from the respect and admiration of what nature itself offers us".

Lapazaran's wines are very personal, and reflect his attachment to the land. This is how Jose Lapazaran, 27 times Basque Country champion in various forms of Herri Kirolak, explains it, "both txakoli and Herri Kirolak are intrinsically linked to their cultural and social roots. Both become and are conditioned by the work in the field". "Our txakolis are born from the marvellous and pure result of an alliance between the land, the climate, the autochthonous variety and the human being".

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