Type of Wine

CVNE has centenary brands, leaders in the market, to which new Spanish wines from vineyards in historical regions are being added. To achieve this, we work keeping alive the tradition and knowledge transferred by our ancestors and in which we combine all our experience and passion for winemaking.


Red wines are those made from red grapes, of which there is a great diversity, such as tempranillo, garnacha,...


White wines are those made from white grapes, among which Viura, Godello, Verdejo or Malvasia stand out.



Rosé wines acquire their tone depending on the grape used to make them, the time the skin is in contact with the...

Sparkling Wine

Our sparkling wines are elaborated under the traditional method. Among the grapes from which we obtain our cavas...


Gran Cru wines are wines produced in an exceptionally good plot, the result of the characteristics of the land...


Organic wines are the result of 100% sustainable agriculture and traditional and environmentally friendly...

Special wines

We bring you a recommendation of some of our best wines. Enjoy it!

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